Ai piedi della piramide del Monte Tobbio, lungo il corso del magico Torrente Gorzente, troverai spiagge, rocce, natura, buona cucina a km zero, posto tenda e mille eventi!




What to eat


In our kitchen every shortcut is banned : we propose traditional recipes cooked with locally grown ingredients, from the cheese produced in Capanne di Marcarolo to the meat produced by Cascina Saliera. The vegetables from our garden are the main protagonists, according to the seasonal availability.

We make our own bread, focaccia, cakes, biscuits and all the baked goods by using stone ground flour, mother yeast, extra virgin olive oil and chestnut honey.

You can enjoy our food together with some craft beer or wine by Azienda agricola Ghio Roberto - Vigneti Piemontemare. And at the end of your meal you can taste one of our spirits.



Salami and cheese plate from Cascina Salera di Capanne di Marcarolo

Panissa fritta
Typical recipe from Liguria. It’s chickpea flour handmade fried pasta

Mixed vegetables quiches



Ravioli della nonna Mariein
“Grandma” style pasta filled with beef cuts, sausage, egg, Parmesan cheese, marjoram, escarole and borage

Gnocchi di patate con pesto al mortaio
Handmade gnocchi prepared with homegrown organic potatoes. For pesto we use basil from Prà, Ligurian extra-virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese, pecorino sardo (sheep's cheese), garlic from Vessalico and pine nuts from the Italian Riviera. We mix everything using marble mortar, olive wood pestle and a lot of patience!

Tagliolini con sugo di verdure o di carne
Handmade egg pasta tossed with meat or vegetables sauce

Maltagliati di farina di castagne con condimenti che variano in base alla stagionalità
Handmade chestnut flour pasta tossed with a seasonally appropriate sauce



Mixed grill of meat and vegetables

Tartare of hand-chopped Piedmontese beef with homemade pickles

Grilled Piedmontese beef with cren sauce



Biscuits with custard, meringues and pastries

Special ice cream from Bar Matteo in Gavi



Azienda agricola Ghio Roberto - Vigneti Piemontemare
Gavi docg del Comune di Bosio PIAN LAZZARINO
Gavi docg del Comune di Bosio PIASI
Gavi docg Riserva LE ZUCCHE
Monferrato doc Bianco ZANÉ (uve Caricalasino)
Dolcetto di Ovada doc FISTONIA
Dolcetto di Ovada doc LA VECCHIA
Ovada docg Riserva Vigna L'ARCIPRETE
Monferrato doc rosso LA CASCINA
Metodo Classico Rosé LA CANNA E L'ORZO
Metodo Classico Bianco LA CANNA E L'ORZO



Birra di Pasturana Spina
Menabrea bott. 0,33



Azienda Agricola Ghio Roberto - Vigneti Piemontemare:
Séfir Cortese - Séfir Dolcetto - Séfir Nebbiolo - Séfir Riserva
Distilleria Gualco:
Bianca - Suavitas - Superla - Stravecchia - Gavi - Dolcetto - Ginepro - Rosina - Rubinia



Amaro Soldatini
Amaro Borra and others
Zuccherini alcolici alle essenze


Soft drinks

Fuit juices from Azienda Agricola Zerbo
Coca Cola - Fanta - Sprite - Ice tea


All our foods are made on premises and, whenever necessary, they are heat-treated and stored in controlled atmosphere at a temperature of -18°C (-0.4°F). Please do not hesitate to ask our staff any food allergy/intolerance questions.

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If you love confrontation, if you are a poet, an independent thinker, a musician, if you are looking for something different from what the actors of the world proposed you, come and visit us at Baita Rio Gorzente.